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Tataki Appetizer Rolls

Tataki Appetizer Rolls 01

Today’s dish will use a few nice thin slices of the Beef Tataki I prepared the other day and will also incorporate some sprouts grown by my wife as part of her on-going sprouting experiment. I have taken as my inspiration a Japanese preparation known as Negimaki in which grilled beef slices are rolled around a central filling (usually, but not exclusively, scallions). In this case, however, the beef strips I am using have only been lightly seared and are thus, for all intents and purposes, largely raw… Continue reading “Tataki Appetizer Rolls”

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Beef Tataki

Beef Tataki 01

You could probably call this Japanese Steak Tartare, or maybe Japanese Carpaccio, but the proper appellation is Beef Tataki, where the ‘Tataki’ is actually the name of the specific cookery technique involved.  This technique was originally used specifically for steaks of Bonito Tuna but has now been widely adapted for beef as well. Essentially, it involves grilling meat (or fish) very briefly over high heat to sear the outside and then cooling it rapidly to prevent further cooking, thus leaving the interior almost raw. The result is most commonly served sashimi style but can be easily put to other uses. In either event, the technique is one well worth having in your repertoire…  Continue reading “Beef Tataki”