Pakora are Indian snacks made with vegetables and sometimes chicken or other meats. These are deep fried in a batter most commonly made with Besan (chick-pea flour), and, usually, with added spices. Vegetable Pakora are the most common type and the vegetables can either be a single vegetable in chunks, or one can use a variety of different veggies that are shredded and mixed before being dunked in the batter. These same snacks, especially the variety with shredded or chopped vegetables, are also known as ‘Bhaji’, but this word also refers to another totally different type of Indian dish so I have elected to call my experiment by the more common name, Pakora.Read More →

In a recent ‘Foodstuffs’ post, I introduced an item, common in Indian cookery but new to me, called Tindora. I searched for and found quite a few Tindora recipes and was inspired to try the above dish which is something of an amalgam of a few of them but otherwise a unique creation. Although the flavours are quite unmistakably Indian in character, the cooking style is more in the nature of a Chinese stir-fry. I love Indian food but I find that vegetables are often cooked far too well for my taste so, in this dish, I flash-fried things very quickly to preserve the fresh taste and crunchy mouthfeel of the Tindora. The term ‘masala’, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with it, is commonly used in Indian cookery to refer to a spice blend and I will be dealing it with masalas at greater length in future posts.Read More →

Although I live in a fairly remote location in Canada’s North, we have a store in town called ‘Arctic Ventures’ that carries a pretty decent selection of imported foodstuffs – Shiitake mushrooms, pappadums, curry pastes, etc. Quite often, they also have fresh vegetables from overseas and the far south and, during this past year alone, we have seen bitter melon (both the Indian and Chinese varieties), lemon grass, Thai chillies and Okra. A few days ago, I was visiting the store to pick up a few items and I happened to spy these bags of a curious item I had never set eyes on before. The label identified these rather cute little green things as ‘Tindora’ and I realized that I have never even seen a recipe for them in my, fairly extensive, cookery book collection. Although I am all alone at home for the week, and thus hadn’t planned to do much in the way of experimental cooking, I couldn’t resist grabbing a bag.Read More →