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Lobster Risotto with Saffron and Truffle Oil.

Lobster Risotto 1

Before getting to any actual recipe today, I have to point out that what I call a Risotto is a type of rice dish I learned from my father and differs in a few significant ways from the strictly traditional. Essentially, a ‘true’ risotto is based on short grain (typically Arborio) rice that is first sautéed and then is cooked with stock added a little at a time until a creamy, although not quite soupy, consistency is reached. Indeed, rather than being cooked ‘al dente’ a proper risotto is said to be ‘al’onda’, or ‘to the wave’ meaning that, when the pot is tipped, or struck on the side, the surface of the rice should ripple.

My form of risotto is based on long grain rice and is, in culinary parlance, more of a pilaf. The rice is sautéed first, but I add the stock in one go and cook by the absorption method to achieve a somewhat drier result. In any event, whether you call this a risotto, or an Italian-style pilaf, with the inclusion of saffron and truffle oil and in addition to the lobster, today’s dish is going to be truly decadent… Continue reading “Lobster Risotto with Saffron and Truffle Oil.”

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Experiment: Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes

I decided to try the above experiment as it allowed me to use two ingredients that have featured in recent ‘Foodstuffs’ posts, namely Jerusalem Artichokes and Truffle Oil. I wanted to do something Italian in character with this vegetable and I very much wanted to try roasting them. Just using oil and garlic seemed to be a bit pedestrian and so I decided to perk the basic idea by using lemon zest and butter along with the Truffle oil. I only had 6 or 7 artichokes and so, of necessity, I was confined to doing just an appetizer portion. Continue reading “Experiment: Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes”

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Experiment – Mushroom Fettuccine with Truffle oil

Sometimes, all you have in the house are canned mushrooms. For most purposes, they are just not good as fresh ones but Truffle oil, which I just featured in my last Foodstuffs post, can improve them no end. I actually had fresh mushrooms in the fridge last night when I made dish you see above but I really wanted to showcase the Truffle oil as a follow up to the original Foodstuffs post. Continue reading “Experiment – Mushroom Fettuccine with Truffle oil”