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Pasta Vitello Puttanesca

Pasta Vitello Verde 1

I purchased some nice thin veal cutlets in my local store just the other day and one of the uses I planned was for a pasta dish something like a Puttanesca (but with veal added). I only had green olives, rather than the black sort I usually use, and I also happened to have some nice fresh Basil that I thought might make a nice addition. Altogether, my creation departs quite a bit from most Puttanesca recipes, but it is close enough, I think, that the name still applies … Continue reading “Pasta Vitello Puttanesca”

Veal with Peppers and Mushrooms

Veal with Peppers and Mushrooms 1

I put together this little recipe to use up the last of the Marinated Peppers I made and posted about a few weeks ago. I followed that original post with another one featuring a dish I called Pasta with Pork and Peppers and that inspired me to do something somewhat similar using veal as the combination of veal with peppers is very popular in Italian cuisine. Since the marinated peppers and their oil are already very robustly flavored with garlic and thyme, I have added little else to this dish by way of seasoning other than some lemon juice, lemon zest, and a little salt and pepper.

You could easily serve this over, or tossed with pasta, but I am just going to serve mine for supper along with just some crusty bread…  Continue reading “Veal with Peppers and Mushrooms”


Saltimbocca 1

Saltimbocca (the name means ‘jump in the mouth’) is an Italian classic that traditionally consists of veal paired with prosciutto and fresh sage leaves, and served, most commonly, with a reduction sauce of the pan juices and Marsala wine. It is sometimes served as a main course but appears more often as an appetizer and there are, of course, different variations. Chicken is quite often used in place of veal and, today, I will be using very lean pork as, not only is good veal almost impossible to obtain up here, pork makes a very delicious substitute.

It has been years since I last made this dish and the last time I hate it was at a restaurant in Montreal. It was actually a very good Italian restaurant (and Montreal has many of these), but this particular offering was awful and consisted of dried out slices of veal spread out on a plate with overcooked prosciutto just scattered randomly on top and a few flakes of dried sage visible here and there but not otherwise detectable. I am fairly confident that today’s version will be better….  Continue reading “Saltimbocca”