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Foodstuff: Fake Parmesan

Fake Parmesan 1

Well, ‘Fake Parmesan’ is clearly not how the manufacturer actually identifies this particular product… rather it is identified on the label as a ‘Grate Soy Topping’ with “Parmesan flavor”. Now, I have to say, here, that the double quotes around the ‘Parmesan flavor’ in the previous sentence are intentionally applied there because, having been curious enough to sample this item, the description is just a bit…well, optimistic… Continue reading “Foodstuff: Fake Parmesan”

Bengali Potato and Greens

Bengali Potato and Greens 1

Today’s dish is a simple little production using the Bengali five-spice blend known as Panch Phoron that I posted about not long ago. The blend works very nicely with both greens and potatoes and since I had some kale on hand I thought I would combine the two as a side dish for pork curry leftovers I had planned for supper… Continue reading “Bengali Potato and Greens”