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Nihaizu and Sanbaizu – Japanese Seasoned Vinegars

Nihaizu and Sanbaizu 1

Nihaizu and Sanbaizu are both seasoned vinegars used in Japanese cuisine, sometimes as marinades or the bases for dipping sauces, but primarily as dressings for the salad type preparations known as ‘Suomono’ or ‘Aemono’ dishes. In this post, we will be looking at both preparations together as they are very similar in composition and function, with the latte being a sweeter elaboration on the former. Since both will last almost indefinitely once prepared, and since they each can form the basis for a whole range of more complex dressings, they are extremely handy to have on hand in one’s refrigerator…  Continue reading “Nihaizu and Sanbaizu – Japanese Seasoned Vinegars”

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Foodstuff: Chinkiang Vinegar (镇江香醋)

Chinkiang Vinegar 1

No kitchen should be without a decent selection of vinegars for different purposes and, for aficionados of Chinese cuisine, Chinkiang ‘black’ vinegar is a definite must-have. This particular vinegar originates in the city of  Zhènjiāng in Jiangsu province but, like ‘Peking Duck’ (as opposed to ‘Beijing Duck’), the name ‘Chinkiang’ reflects and outdated orthography that is kept alive mostly just in the culinary sphere. However one spells it, the city is renowned throughout China for its vinegar and the special black variety carries much the same cachet as Balsamic vinegar currently does in the west… Continue reading “Foodstuff: Chinkiang Vinegar (镇江香醋)”