Tandoori Beef Ribs at Haweli

Tandoori Beef Ribs at the Haweli Indian Restaurant in Edmonton

Tandoori Beef Ribs at the Haweli Indian Restaurant in Edmonton

I enjoyed several good meals at the Haweli Indian Restaurant in downtown Edmonton when I visited the City. Their Aloo Tikki Appetizer was especially memorable, and most everything I had there was well done. The Tandoori Beef Ribs you see pictured above were a bit of a surprise and turned out to be delicious.

I say that this dish was a bit of a surprise because I don’t recall ever seeing Beef Ribs on an Indian restaurant menu before. These ones, when they arrived surprised me even more when I saw them as they were cut in a style that you commonly see in Korean restaurants, but not often elsewhere. This style is known as ‘Flanken-cut’, and I describe it a bit more fully in my recipe for Spicy Korean Beef Ribs.

The ribs were very simply plated and already cut into easily manageable one, or two bone sections. There was a dipping sauce on the side, as well as some of the very nice Onion Pickle that also came with the Haweli Fish Pakora Appetizer.

When I was ordering, my server asked me what level of spiciness I wanted. Often, choosing this is a bit of a crap-shoot as many places overstate the heat level of their dishes a bit in order to accommodate a wider range of North-American tastes. Occasionally, though, you can end up getting blind-sided by something spectacularly hot, and so I took the middle road and went for the ‘Medium Spicy’.

When the Ribs arrived, they turned out not to be particularly hot, and not especially heavily spiced in general. There were some hints of Coriander Seed and Cumin, I think, but I didn’t really get the typical ‘Tandoori Spice’ taste you generally get with, say, Tandoori Chicken. The side sauce, however, which was obviously Chili-based, really was quite fiery and only a little on each rib gave them just the right heat.

I was quite surprise by how well they ribs were grilled. In Indian cuisine, meat and vegetables are often given longer cooking times than is common elsewhere and rare meat is … well, quite rare. Here, though, there was lovely near-charring from the intense heat of the Tandoor but the inner flesh was very tender, and even slightly pink. Overall, I thought the Tandoori Beef Ribs at Haweli were excellent and worth a Rating of 5 out of 5.

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