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Technique: The Egg and Bottle Trick


Egg and Bottle 1

Have you seen this one yet?

I forget where I came across this trick but it makes the task of separating egg yolks from white so much simpler than the old, traditional method of pouring the egg back and forth between the two halves of a cracked open shell and letting the white dribble away a bit at a time. I know I’ve managed to tear the yolk on the edge of a shell many, many times, and, even when you don’t mess it up like that, the process is really slow. Here, you can achieve a perfect result in seconds and all you need (aside from eggs, of course) is an empty one of those soft drink, or water, bottles…

Egg and Bottle 2

Break your egg (or eggs) into a dish and then squeeze some of the air out your bottle and hold the mouth against the yolk.


Egg and Bottle 3

Now, release your ‘squeeze’ on the bottle so that the yolk is gently sucked into the neck of the bottle.


Egg and Bottle 4

Now, take the bottle away, allowing any excess white to flow back into the dish, and then gently eject the yolk into another container by squeezing again.


Egg and Bottle 5



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  1. My latest technique to separate yolk from the egg white is to crack open into one hand; then I change hands, letting the whites fall into a bowl. Too often, as mentioned, shell edges ruins the standard process. I will definitely try this bottle technique. Thank you!

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