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Watson Brand Vacuum-packed Cooked Duck Wing

Vacuum-packed Cooked Duck Wing 1

I actually picked this product up on a whim while shopping for some other items at Kowloon Market, my favorite Asian grocery store in Ottawa. These vacuum-packed duck wings area product of China and intended to be used pretty much ‘as is’ rather than requiring any preparation. The picture on the front of the pack, which shows the plain wings sprinkled with a little green onion and sesame seeds, describes this as being a ‘serving suggestion’. Anyway, I was intrigued by this product, which appears to require no refrigeration, and I brought some home with me.

Anyway … when you open the main package, there are 5 of the individually vacuum-sealed wings inside. I am not sure how the wings are cooked (the package is silent on the issue), but I think they may be slow baked after being marinated. When you open one of the wings, the dominant aroma is of star anise, and I was expecting to not like the wings as I am not keen on the flavor. I tasted one, before reading the ingredients and I found, to my pleasant surprise, that the dominant taste seemed to be fennel. This proved to be correctly identified as the ingredient list reads (for flavorings):

Chili, soy, salt, sugar, aniseed, pepper, Sichuan pepper, fennel, liquorice, kaempferiae (Galanga), cinnamon, cardamom, clove, bay leaf, and ginger.

In truth, I think some of the additions may be… well, theoretical, as I couldn’t identify much beyond the fennel (which, luckily, I like a lot). The chili, which is listed first, and should thus be a major ingredient, is nowhere apparent, and the product is not remotely hot at all…

Vacuum-packed Cooked Duck Wing 2

I ate a couple of the wings cold initially. I rather thought I might try searing the remainder in a little oil, with maybe a little hot sauce or something, but on eating the first two I found that there is very little meat on the bone, and that they are actually a bit fiddly to eat. Accordingly, I just ate the last three cold (with a bit of Sriracha, which was a good addition) and, all in all, I found the product not too bad. I doubt I will buy them again, in truth, but I am glad to have tried them…

2 thoughts on “Watson Brand Vacuum-packed Cooked Duck Wing

  1. I remember the street vendors in Taiwan selling all kinds of duck parts including heads. They probably also had wings, but those stalls never looked as appetizing as the others so I never perused any of them in great detail.
    The flavor of aniseed, star anise, and fennel seed are quite similar (also from a chemical point of view), so it is interesting that you do like fennel but not star anise.

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