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Foodstuff: Korean Red Pepper Powder

Korean Red Pepper Powder 1

Korean Red Pepper Powder is a very versatile food product but its primary uses are in the making of Kimchi and also in the preparation of the Korean fermented red pepper paste known as Gochujang. Most of the ground chili available to me locally is quite coarse, with the exception of Cayenne Pepper, which is pretty fiery. The typical Korean Red Pepper Powder can be quite mild, is very finely milled, and also has a very pretty bright red color that makes for a very attractive pickle… Continue reading “Foodstuff: Korean Red Pepper Powder”

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Hot and numbing Chicken – 麻辣雞

This is my first experiment with the Sichuan Pepper Oil I featured in a ‘Foodstuffs’ post a few days ago. I originally planned to do a cold salad with cucumber but I had some nice chicken breasts on hand and decided to do a ‘ma-la’ style dish which, readers of my Sichuan Peppercorn post will recall, uses a Sichuan recipe technique that combines the numbing ‘ma’ effect of Sichuan peppercorns with the ‘la’ spiciness of chili. There are countless ways one can throw together a mala chicken dish, of course, but I came up with what follows:  Continue reading “Hot and numbing Chicken – 麻辣雞”

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Sichuan Pepper Oil – 黎紅 Brand

In a recent ‘Spice Pages’ post featuring Sichuan Peppercorns, I mentioned that the pepper is sometimes used in the form of an oil that can be either prepared at home or purchased as a commercial product. I picked up the bottle you see above on a recent trip to Montreal and it has been sitting on a shelf for the past two months. This is the first time I have ever bought Sichuan Pepper Oil, though I have made my own in the past, and this week I finally opened the bottle to investigate…  Continue reading “Sichuan Pepper Oil – 黎紅 Brand”