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Pasta Gricia with Truffle

Pasta Gricia with Truffles 1

A few weeks back, I did a post featuring the Italian cured hog jowl meat known as Guanciale and I included a picture of a Spaghetti Carbonara I made using it. There are two fairly famous Italian dishes made using Guanciale (or sometimes Pancetta, or else regular bacon) and these are the aforementioned Pasta Carbonara and Pasta Amatriciana. Both of these are descendants of a simpler dish known as Pasta alla Gricia, which is basically pasta tossed in the pan with cooked Guanciale, generous amounts of pepper, grated cheese and sufficient pasta water to make a rich ‘sauce’.

Today, I am using the ‘alla Gricia’ style as my base but I am creating a ‘descendant’ version by adding sliced black truffle along with some brocollini for a little color and texture… Continue reading “Pasta Gricia with Truffle”

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Foodstuffs: Truffle Oil

A while ago, my wife was visiting Paris for a conference and I insisted that she go to the famous Maxim’s restaurant. Indeed, I put some money in her account so that she would be sure to go… Anyway, while there she had a number of dishes, one of which was a salad of lobster and truffles. I was especially envious of this because I have still yet to experience the taste of actual truffles and, so far, have had to make do with its lesser cousin, truffle oil, which is traditionally made by steeping truffles in olive oil. Continue reading “Foodstuffs: Truffle Oil”